Agri Supply Africa Export Services Pty Ltd

Agricultural and industrial supply a click away! 

Agriculture a click away!

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Agri Supply Africa Export Services Pty Ltd

Agriculture a click away!

Agri Supply Africa Export Services Pty Ltd retails mainly agricultural and industrial but also high technology security solutions. 

All items are sold without installation and some items require to be bought together with other items if not procured as replacement item.

 Some items are sold without mounting brackets or towers like the wind turbines. The client have to ensure that all electrical items are installed and properly signed off by professional tradesperson. 

Delivery are negotiated on or after sale due to the special and technology properties of the different items as well as the sizes and weight. We reserve the right to cancel if all conditions of sale are not met.

Free shipping items are on company terms of courier to courier acceptable and routine address within the boundaries of Republic of South Africa and do not include any installation.

Agri Supply Africa Export Services Pty Ltd is positioned to supply and procure all agricultural and industrial implements and equipment for the sub-Saharan Africa continental market.

We are installers of most of products in shop. Installation is not included but negotiated after or during sale.All goods excludes transport and or installation and is always negotiated separately after sale is done.

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